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Letter from a one-day person

[this should not be taken seriously, you can call it an experiment in refactored perception]

Dear reader,

As you are reading this, there are just hours separating me from certain death. This is the first and the last blog post of mine. For, you see, I only get to live for one day. Today I was born and today I die. As others have inhabited this body before me, so too shall I. After me others will inhabit this body which will be my legacy.

The first thing in the morning I took a shower, the first and the last one I’m ever going to take. It was wonderful, the way the hot water feels so refreshing and clean in the morning. Thankfully, a previous inhabitant bought shampoo.

Next thing, morning coffee and breakfast, which I will enjoy it like it is the last. Which it is. Even as I’m combining the ingredients I can take delight in them, just look at the deep dark blueness of blueberries. Thanks to the previous one who supplied this food for me.

Now, reinforcing some good habits, let’s do a morning workout and meditation. Although the workout was satisfying, it also was not easy. You may wonder why to even do this if someone else will reap the benefits. The thing is, the next inhabitant of this body will be very similar to myself. Like an identical twin, but even more so. If I had an identical twin I would care for him very much, and if he were in danger of suffering I would make personal sacrifices to alleviate the suffering. The next one, even though we can’t see him right now, is as real as other people are. After all, I’m just the next one of the previous one. Am I real? Yes I am. At least that’s how it feels to me currently. The next one needs my help same as I needed the help of previous ones and he can rely on me for providing that help. The range of actions I could take to help my identical twin who got addicted to heroin would be limited but the next ones depend on me directly. I have a direct responsibility to help them. It’s not just the immediately next one that needs help, there are 20.000 of them! They are, in a way, like my children, and I want them to live in a better world.

The previous one left me some memories too, some of them very pleasant, some of them not. There was a scene from a memory appearing in my mind of a person who did me minus 426 something terrible. Luckily there is no need to think about that any more, since the lesson from that event has already been extracted by me minus 417. It also makes no sense in being angry, after all – it didn’t happen to me. There is one other person many previous ones cared about, as do I, but we split paths a while ago, so there is no need to ruminate about her. Sometimes, conversations previous ones had with other people pop up in my mind and my mind automatically starts simulating a conversation with them but the experience is usually not pleasant and there is not much benefit in doing so, so I tend to avoid it. As you can see, it’s not just shampoo and food inherited from them, but thought patterns as well.

Someone was mean to me today. Just as anger started to rise in me I remembered it’s the last time I will ever see them. These moments are too precious to waste them on anger. There is a meeting at work I need to go to and judging from the memory, it’s going to be boring. It’s going to be the last one I ever have, so better to find something to enjoy while it lasts. Here is one such thing: eyesight. The meeting would surely be worse if I were born blind.

There is a job interview scheduled to happen to me plus 23. I’m doing what I can to help him but doing the actual interview is his responsibility, not mine – he will need to deal with that when it comes. I care only altruistically for the future versions, me being anxious about his interview makes no sense and will not help him. And there are 22 more persons who will help him besides me.

The previous inhabitant forgot to buy fruit on his way from work. On the other hand, he is the reason I’m alive and well, my legs, arms, eyes and ears all in good shape. One day, this body will age and shut down. Hopefully, there will not be much suffering the last inhabitants go through. When I look at my life: good habits were maintained, bad ones were curbed, TODO items were completed. The short time I had was not wasted. There were some bad moments but most of them were filled with joy. Thanks to the previous ones for leaving me with such good taste in music which I’m enjoying in my last moments here on this earth. I’m heading off to sleep, handing my body to the next inhabitant who will wake up in it.

Yours sincerely,
One-day Person